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The increasingly digital age holds many new opportunities and many pitfalls that must be identified early and reliably avoided.
A challenge that requires a significant rethink in traditional areas and tireless reinvention is everywhere. These are not low-hanging fruits rather a journey that does not have to be taken alone.

What keeps you awake at 2 a.m.?

What are the issues that you feel strongly about or keep you awake?

  • Personal Capabilities

    In today' hyper collaborative and dynamic workplace, we all face a massive barrier at some point regardless of the size of a company or the seniority of the job position; Discord with boss or colleagues, confrontation with team members, and not being recognized for your performance. It also happens between your private life and work, a conflict between personal and company values.

    HIGH PERFORMER: you are a get-things-done person at your job, but it's not promising when&how you will be promoted. You need to prepare for the next stage strategically and early enough. The qualities of a performer and a leader are entirely different.

    LEADER: you've reached the leadership position you wanted but are too busy daily fire-fighting. You need to understand and master the essential elements that each leadership level possess.

    GENERAL MANAGER: you finally made yourself at a senior leadership level, but your teams and performance are not as lined up as you expected. The expectation for this level is paradoxical. 

    GLOBAL TALENT: If you work in cultures, not of your origin, it is natural to feel insecure about how well you are recognized while blending within the culture.

  • Convincing Others

    Everyone knows the situation: You get the lead for a new project, need to leap up your existing project, or are in front of decision-makers, you need the buy-in from top management or a hiring manager. You have to pitch your idea, and it has to be done perfectly.

    PREPARE YOUR MANAGEMENT PITCH: Our Kickstarter program will help create a winning vision, draw a first reliable roadmap, and give enough hints for the doable enablement. With this workshop, we co-create the needed hero story for any new project to win the buy-in from the top management.

    TEST AN IDEA: The Kickstart program also unfolds its full power when it comes to testing ideas before going into teams internally. We tackle the concept and the feasibility and identify hurdles and things to be considered right from the start.

    PREPARE YOUR INTERVIEW: Most people show only half of their capability in an interview. Normally, we are more blind to ourselves. Let's not confuse being humble from lack of self-awareness and storytelling of facts.

  • Business Challenges

    CHANGE: There are always ongoing changes unless you are dead. 

    • If you don't steadily drive modernization, your business will slowly become fossilized
    • Your business is running well, but you are not sure what should be the next big thing for your organisation
    • You are already entering a new stage and need to pick up your organisation

    CULTURE: Diversity is not only a buzzword. It is happening everywhere and is the biggest challenger to your well-established company culture.

    • Globalisation: If you conquer new markets, there will be a big challenge waiting for you
    • New Work and Industry 4.0 are demanding new behaviours
    • Forming new teams with an extraordinary performance

    DIGITALISATION: "IoT or not to be" - how much transformation is needed and can an organisation take?

    • Where to start and how to roadmap your digital journey
    • How to gain a digital mindset
    • What can you do to prevent from ending up being just a "me-too leader"?

Why not consider expert support?

It is more common than you think. Grant the magnificent impulses.
80% of companies are satisfied with the result.


→ Personal Coaching

Continuous development is often more challenging than it sounds. Professional guidance speed up the process. Discover actionable insights that will bring you forward and find the right resources to satisfy your desire for knowledge. Be the boss of your personal development and training plan. Leverage the potential. Close gaps and get the results.


→ Business Coaching

Even modern business does not constantly reinvent the wheel. Experience provides a stable basis. Knowledge keeps things moving. Entrepreneurial foresight awakens the necessary motivation. Depending on the strength of the change within a company, these factors in particular must be evaluated and stimulated with external impulses.


→ Mentoring

The first decisions to be made alone are always the most difficult and sometimes risky. Expert mentoring based on comparable experience provides security and actively promotes progress on learning curves that are particularly steep. In a fast-changing environment, quick and curated feedback must be part of a basic package.

Utilize our success formula

We help you focus your energy and effort on the big priorities for the future through our success formula.

Shape your Vision

Form your story to foster collaborations with internal and external partners and guide your team with passion and motivation.

Define your Roadmap

From strategy to execution, drive towards your objectives and goals with a clearly defined roadmap.

Ignite your Enablement

Business is like a team sport. You can only win and grow with empowered people and a best possible game plan.

Who brings out the best result with our programs?


High performance does not guarantee hierarchical advancement. 

Rather, highly capable individuals are often prone to falling into ...


the high-performer-trap.

You get things done at your job and always have a great performance, but it's not promising the next level.

The qualities of performers and to-be leaders are entirely different.

People Managers

Leading a team is entirely different from being a high-performing contributor.

Most new people managers make typical mistakes ...


that will kill their well-built image within the first 18 months and sometimes completely take them away from developing to the next level.

We coach mid-managers to see their mistakes, lacks, and pitfalls objectively and equip themselves with sustainable leadership traits through 5-level-leadership modules

General Managers

According to McKinsey reports, up to 46% of executives who transition are regarded as failures in two years.

Leadership competencies in a single field are different ...


from those needed in a general leadership position.

We coach first time GMs and Senior Leaderswhat they missed in leadership development both in people and business leadership.

Leaders in
People Strategy

We are experts in real-life business world. Together with HRD, HRM, DEI leaders, we co-create strategic people frameworks that stimulate ...


business needs and organisation's culture.

Making a meaningful impact in organisations matters to us. We believe that training can do its role only when business and people strategy are strongly connected.

Leaders Without

Having a challenging time leading without a title or authority? Are you in an engineer, developer or designer and in an ...


IC (Individual Contributor) career track?

Leadership is an ability to influence others. In matrix organisations and in technology and digital industries, influence skill is one of the most important competencies, not a title.

We will shed light on the capabilities of natural leaders and make them available for you.

Talents In
Global Scene

If you are working abroad outside of your home country, you face countless un-interpretable obstacles that ...


question your abilities.

Regardless of your seniority, what requires working in another culture is way beyond the cross-cultural understanding and high-level training in action strategies.
Being recognized working in a country other than my home country is like playing away games continuously for a football player.
To stand out in others' turf needs a special training strategy as soccer players do.


  • to lead with confidence
  • to learn how to lead, not manage
  • to look for a purpose and vision in work & life


  • in a multicultural environment
  • in various cross-functional interactions
  • in (re-)establishing team-proposition within a new/existing organisation


  • in (de-)constructing frameworks in organisation and business 
  • in conflict and complication
  • in dilemma of centralisation and autonomy

May we introduce ourselves?

Clara Min

Head Coach and Consultant

More than 25 years of business experience in strategic business driving positions in multinational corporations: Adidas Headquarter, Senior Director Franchise sales strategy, Otto Versand, Gianni Versace New York, LG Korea, Hyundai

  • Certified Coach(ACC), by International Coaching Federation, Germany
  • Certified NLP(Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Practitioner | Timeline therapy | Hypnosis, Spain
  • Co-Active Coach by CTI, Germany

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