Saskia S.

Exactly one year ago I started my Coaching Journey with Clara. Now 12 months later, looking back at that time and catching up with Clara on the phone, I can truly say that this Coaching Experience has changed my life. Not only have I quit my job in the meantime and started working at a new company, but also my personal wellbeing has increased over the past months – and that despite a global pandemic.

When I started my 3 monthly Coaching Journey beginning of last year, I was seeking external advice on how to move forward with my career because I felt stuck and more and more unmotivated. Without being able to really point out what needed to be changed, I simply felt that I wasn’t satisfied with my overall work situation.

Working with Clara was for me an unforgettable experience. I learned so much about myself and in each session there was at least one “AHA” moment. Over the months we defined together how my magic carpet, meaning ideal workplace, would look like, where I would feel most productive and ready to shine. She helped me furthermore get back into the “driver seat” and consequently boosted my confidence and energy level. An image of a white room filled with a red Ferrari, a megaphone and a mountain is now my visual mantra, taped to the screen at my new workplace.

Thank you Clara for accompanying me on this journey and helping me become a happier and more confident person. Without your coaching experience, I wouldn't be where I am right now.