Sudania Chou

Head of Customer Experience EMEA

Have you ever felt like running in a hamster wheel? That is what my life felt like a few months ago and it changed drastically through my work with Clara. I now have a sense of purpose, I gained much more clarity about not only who I am but who I am becoming. The personal and professional fulfillment I feel is priceless and indescribable – it is like my vision and future self are accompanying me every single day and this is bringing me inner peace.

I was inspired by Clara after hearing her story in a leadership podcast and decided to contact her and explore our possible ways to work together. She is not only an amazing coach as she helped me through the reveal of my life purpose but also an excellent business mentor. She supported me to manage challenging situations at work thanks to her wisdom and leadership experience in large corporations – this was invaluable and I still use months later these little gold nuggets she gave me to deal effectively with the C-suite.

Clara is a gift. She is intuitive, gentle but fierce, caring for your growth, provides a good balance of being and doing and comes with an extensive professional background at senior level. All our sessions were fun, emotional and always oriented towards discovering the better version of me.