Business Coaching -
HQ and Subsidiary Optimisation

Setup organisational, R&R, Interaction model for headquarters and subsidiaries that works in a real business world.

This program includes

Current Status Analysis
  • 3D scanning for assessment and interpretation of your current business and people strategy

In-depth planning workshop

Through planning workshops before jumping into co-creation workshops aiming to the flawless implementation

Co-creation workshops and Mentoring
  • 1:1 personal biz-coaching workshops (number of sessions will be determined depending on your topics and the goal)
  • Together with us, you will be co-creating the frameworks around your vision and strategy that will best fit your organisation and your people
  • We build your own capability to DIY for the future
Progressive Assignments
  • Personalised to-do list between each workshop session to progress as quickly as possible and as effective as possible. 

  • Throughout these steps in-between the workshop sessions, you have a chance to thoroughly review and analyse potential pitfalls with your subject matter experts within your organisation internally and course correct the next workshop session.
Explanatory letter for your company
  • A proof letter for your employer to highlight your commitment and showcase your new skills.

Program Roadmap

In order to get through this program as efficiently as possible, we envision an approximate gross time frame of 3 months. The effective net time investment is about 16 hours in the complete. Additional modules can be integrated into this basic program at any time. Our coaches will be happy to advise you on this.

Who is it for

Those who need to collaborate between the headquarters or branches of a global company.

Leaders who need to understand and leverage the interaction mechanism of a global company in a short time.

Project leaders who lead cross-function projects teams in multicultural companies.

Branch or head office leaders who need to drive performance in a short term in a global company

What you will achieve

  • #1

    Understanding the Eco-system of a multinational global company

  • #2

    Effective methodology to manage stakeholders from all over the world.

  • #3

    Effective frameworks for leading multicultural and remote teams

Content overview

  • Starts: Anytime

  • Duration: Custom Design

  • Format: Virtual Live(Zoom) (Custom Design)

  • Topic: your business topic

  • Coach: Clara Min

  • Language: Korean, English (your choice)

  • € 3,900(excl. VAT)based on
    8 hours co-creation workshops and
    3 hours of the planning workshop

Duration, Format, Timeline can be custom-design(CD) depending on the topic and scope. 

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