Digital Mindset

How to create a digital mindset to accelerate Digitalization

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Digitization is a topic that is on the agenda of almost every company. That's important, because better sooner than later, everyone should make it a top priority. It is important to quickly find out to what extent it affects one's own actions and what it means in detail for the organization. But regardless of how intense and in which direction this change goes for a company and its employees, one thing is always the same:

Digitization starts with people.

Who is it for

Regardless of whether you are already in the midst of doing or whether you are just beginning to deal with the topic, in the progress of any digitization, sooner or later each individual will become an important part of value creation.

Prepare your team for this and start building digital awareness together step by step in a timely manner.

What are the key take-aways

  • #1

    What is digital transformation

  • #2

    How to create a digital mindset together with your people

  • #3

    How to create a digital mindset for your organisation

  • #4

    Hear about a a real life example

  • #5

    Ask me anything

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  • 45 minutes lecture + 15 minutes Q&A

  • Format: Virtual Live(Zoom)

  • Language: German, Korean, English (your choice)

  • Speaker: Bernd Ullmann

  • € 650(excl. VAT)

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