Leadership Development Program

Future Leadership

What's Special Of Our Program

People Development with Business Acumen

PowerZone Learning Programs foster both personal development and Business Acumen.

Powerful Combination Of Divers Mechanisms

We combine FOUR learning mechanisms for the most effective result. Group Lecture + 1:1 Coaching + 1:1 Mentoring + Self Study(assignment)

Scientifically Proven Contents

Our leadership and competency development programs are based on scientifically proven studies and our business experience.

Our Approach

Custom Design

We don't deliver ready-made programs with a cookie-cutter approach. To create programs and methods that best fit your people and organisation, together with you, we co-create the concept of the program, curriculims, the delivery methodologies, and success measure.

Business Alignment

We have a rich background in Business. Our L&D connects the reality of the business world with people development programs.

Strive For Excellence

PowerZone firmly believes right people are the most important asset of any business. We strive for excellence in each project in every step from the pre-phase to the final review. 

Program Roadmap

In order to get through this program as efficiently as possible, we envision an approximate gross time frame of 3 months. The effective net time investment is about 16 hours in the complete. Additional modules can be integrated into this basic program at any time. Our coaches will be happy to advise you on this.

Who is it for

HRMs/HRDs looking for innovative learning programs and people strategies that substantially influence your business.

Individuals at any stage of their career path who want to take them to the next level.

Leaders who are keen to grow their team's business acumen and individual growth.

Co-Create With Us

Holistic People Strategy

We understand your people framework before building learning programs to be the best fit and sustainable for your organization. We co-create it together if you don't have a people strategy framework yet.

Leadership Development Program

PowerZone's leadership programs are custom-designed to create strong connections between business needs and people development.

Through a combination of lectures, coaching, mentoring, and personal assignments, we aim to develop talents and potentials applicable to real businesses.

We develop systematic leadership programs for your talent in all career paths, both leaders and followers.

Competency Development Program

This is customised training created by focusing on developing a specific field that meets the organisation's competency standard.

We design a curriculum with the competencies required for the career level and apply a training method suitable for each individual's learning style and the organisation's needs.

Short-term, one-time program design is possible, and you can use the existing programs of the Farwon Zone (refer to the link linked to the button below) as they are.

Content Overview

  • Single Seminar, or Mid-Long term program custom design

  • Group lecture, 1:1 Coaching, 1:1 Mentoring, Self study(assignement)

  • Topic: your choice

  • Language: English/Korean of your choice

Are you ready to hit the ground running?