Personal Coaching INTENSIVE

Intensive personal development coaching program to identify key challenges and opportunities.

This Program includes

3 months engagement with your coach
  • Fully committed coach for you for 3 consecutive months
5 personal coaching sessions
  • 1 on 1 session with our coach 
  • You can design the sessions to fit your style with your coach 
  • Confidentiality 
Custom-designed assignments
  • action-based homework to transform learning into habit
  • self-study materials to read, watch and think before and after each session
  • Reflection sheets
  • Personal Certificate - A symbol of your dedication and achievement 
Explanatory letter for your company
  • A proof letter for your employer to highlight your commitment and showcase your new skills if required.


In order to get through this program as efficiently as possible, we envision an approximate gross time frame of 3 months. The effective net time investment is about 16 hours in the complete. Additional modules can be integrated into this basic program at any time. Our coaches will be happy to advise you on this.

Who is it for

Those who want to find out the essence of my worries and problems, solve them with a structured roadmap.

Those who want to have a clear picture of self-limitation and equip with tools to overcome it.

What you will achieve

  • #1

    Clarity on the essence of your challenges

  • #2

    An objective view of your weaknesses and strengths

  • #3

    SMART goal setting for your target area

  • #4

    Roadmap and milestones to achieve your goal

  • #5

    Motivational sources and how to best utilise them

Content Overview

  • Starts: Every month

  • Duration: 3 months

  • Format: Virtual Live(Zoom)

  • Topic: your choice

  • Coach: Clara Min

  • Language: Korean, English (your choice)

  • € 1,490(excl. VAT)

Have clarity on where to develop, what to work on and how to get the most out of yourself with your coach