Laura Serrano

After some months of facing a difficult and challenging situation within my new role and new organization, where I was feeling frustrating, unmotivated, and insecure about the decision that I took for my career path.

I decided to seek professional coach support and through some contacts in Adidas on LinkedIn I found Clara, I contacted her personally, and we had a great first call, she provides me confidence and motivation and also a positive way to see my career change and also explain me about her similar challenges in her earlier stages in her career path.

Since this day I decided to do the “Personal Transformation program” with Clara. We had sessions combined with mentoring and coaching, and we went through different enriched sessions that changed my life in a personal and professional way.

Clara is a motivational leader and excellent listener and her positive attitude help me to see the change of my career path into a new opportunity to grow and learn more about my strengths and opportunities for the future.

During the coaching time, I had time to reflect on myself and the challenges I was facing, and talking with Clara was a time to open myself and talk about my problems with her, get professional advice that guides me through this challenging time.

The "Personal coaching program" changes my personal life into a more positive and grateful one and makes me understand what I really want and desire for my career path. During the sessions, I build confidence, an entrepreneurial mindset and feel more secure about my strengths and capabilities as a professional.

At the end of the coaching program, I got a new job offer in the company of my dreams and in a role that translates my career desires “strategical and product focus”, which makes me feel very proud about myself and my career accomplishments.