Rabea Dietz

Project Manager

I was wondering if working in my current job is the right thing for me. I have always been interested in personal development, so I thought about becoming a professional business coach as an option. Actually, I wanted to know how it feels to be coached and what it takes to be a good coach before I decide to go for this change.

What I learned during the coaching sessions?

To me, talking to Clara often felt like looking into a mirror with a different focus. It was very helpful to find out about the obstacles I was creating myself. By coaching me, Clara taught me what good coaching sessions are about: It’s not about teaching methods or knowledge, but about helping the coachee to find his/her own way to where they want to go.

What helped me most?

I now have a good impression of what coaching is about. I found that I don’t necessarily have to change my job to become more satisfied, but that it’s more about your attitude towards life in general. Things can change if you look at them from a different angle.

How do I feel now?

I feel like I don’t always have to have a plan, and that changes are always chances. I am more relaxed and whatever happens: Now I see it as a chance!